Did you get a phone call or text message from 201-285-1834? Please submit a caller complaint below to help us determine who is calling from this phone number and make the calls stop.

Phone Number Details

Phone Number:201-285-1834
Phone Type:Landline
Country:United States
Location:Newark, NJ

Caller Complaints

Complaints are in order from newest to oldest.Anonymouse11/11/15, 12:30 PMThis assh*le called, left no message and when I called the number I got “this is not a working number”. These pieces of shit are lucky I can’t find where they reside because I would pay them a visit.Frankie11/11/15, 11:31 AMI totally agree with Caren. Got a call from this number and did not answer it. Why? Because 1) I didn’t recognize it and it did not show up as one of my contacts. 2) If for any reason, it was important enough, I sincerely believe that the caller would have left a message. If they didn’t, then who ever it is, does not deserve my attention. 3) If either of my first 2 reasons apply, I simply go to my preferences and block the caller, never ever hearing from that number again.
I really don’t see why people get so upset about robo and scam calls and try to get these leeches to stop calling them. They don’t give a crap about gov’t regulations and no call lists. Stop trying to bend them to your will. It ain’t gonna happen. Just BLOCK THEM and be done with it.Stumpy9/22/15, 4:56 PMAutomated computer asking me to lower my electric bill, no company name given. Callback indicates no company name or information most likely a scammer.Caren9/22/15, 11:05 AMCalled me at work. A recording tells me how the government has a program that wants to save you money on your electric bill and if you don’t take advantage of this offer, your electric bill will be raised by 14%.

A. I do not take advice from computer generated voices;
B. If the government wants me to save money, this is news to me.
C. If it is true, then no recorded voice will ever inspire me enough trust to participate.

All in all, I’d say ignore and block these calls.FM9/22/15, 11:01 AMcalled my cell phone twice in a row did not leave a message.Anonymouse9/22/15, 8:24 AMI have told these people to stop calling and yet they insist on calling over and over again. I don’t understand why the government has rules put in place if they are going to be too lazy to fine people who consistantly break the laws.

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