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Phone Number:201-680-7344
Phone Type:Landline
Country:United States
Location:Jersey City, NJ

Caller Complaints

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10/29/15, 6:18 AM

American Power and Gas, called 3 times in less than two minutes. You could hear all the other reps in the background. Asked for my PSEG bill. I said ” I don’t think so, AND don’t call back”. That was the end of that.Al10/7/15, 8:10 AMPicked up call today. However the person at the other end was unresponsive. Waited for about 45 secs and then heard the disconnect sound. Looks like someone is doing some prowling.


9/22/15, 12:45 PM

Same experience as most of the above complaints. Man with rude demeanor, demands to speak with office manager about PSEG bill. I ask if he is calling from PSEG and tells me to connect him to by boss. I said no. He called backed 5 times…I hung up each time. Sc*m of the earth these people.


8/31/15, 6:42 AM

someone called from this number claiming to be calling from Pse&g and asked me to take out the bill and read some info out to him.


8/13/15, 8:47 AM

Received a call from 2016807344 this guy who didn’t identified called my job asking to speak to the manager after telling him he wasn’t there and if he would like to leave a message he said no and he asked for a number to reach him at I said I’m not allowed to disclose that information and he had the nerve to say he is paid by the hour and to call him on my cell phone to let him know they were trying to reach him I said no I will not and he said this is time sensitive and that they need to verify information and I said well he’s not here and you don’t want to leave a message so call back later when he’s here and he said no I always leave message and no one calls back and I said you’re a liar because I’m always here and no ones called from PSE&G. After that he said okay here’s my name Robert my numbers 18002100911 ext 1000 makes no sense when he called from a 201 number. He also asked for my name and I didn’t give him that either. He ended up leaving a message after all that.


8/7/15, 9:23 AM

when they call …. Por the person responsible of the bill PSE&G…they would like give a check rebate … It is not make senses how can send check rebate … They have not any information about of person responsible de of the bill… They aré liar… Only they will like to have Your information … It is like stealing your information… I did hung up… I don’t give any body information…


7/22/15, 11:51 AM

american power and gas they call and hang up let’s file complaint to these telemarketers


7/20/15, 8:51 AM

Received a call from these people, first pickup no one answered on the other end. Second time a man sounding distance as if he was recording the conversation, he asked to speak to manager @ 280 Marin Blvd located in Jersey City New Jersey. I told him he had the wrong number and hung up. So far no call backs.


7/17/15, 8:29 AM

I didn’t recognize the number so I didn’t pick up. They kept calling, I kept ignoring them finally they quit.


7/13/15, 7:55 AM

Very annoying person named Willis from APG called said he has a rebate that he needs to get to the person/company that has the public service account. I told him we do not have a public service account. The owner of the building does. Now he wants me to give him this number. Sorry can’t do that. Thanks for calling, Goodbye. He called three times after that trying to upset me which he ended up doing!! Damn him!


6/22/15, 9:04 AM

I got a call from these guys but they screwed up. First I have called ID and second, they wanted to know about our old building.


6/9/15, 6:43 AM

Scammers calling to say you are paying high rates for pseg account. They will try to get you to join their program “American Power and Gas” which will lower your rates per KW on your electricity bill. The callers are very smart and good at fooling you but DONT be fooled, the rates are only good for one month and then you will find yourself paying more than ever before.

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