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1/30/16, 1:36 PM

LindaAm so tired of getting calls from this number. I have gotten to the point that I say hello in a very loud and pissed off voice. I wish it would stop.

1/29/16, 3:10 PM

MichaelI have had this 1 call me 5-6 times in the last hour. The 1st time told him was not interested and hung up. When they call back the next few times I would hear back ground noise then call would disconnect. The last time they called I told them not to call me back or I would notify the authorities and the guy told me to go f— myself.

1/29/16, 12:27 PM

KimThis number 202-000-0010 continues to call me numerous times a day.. When I answer noone says anything.. When I call back a message states the money is not in service how can I stop these calls? I am at work and these calls are driving me crazy

1/28/16, 3:51 PM

LeeI keep getting calls from this number 202-000-0010, when I answer nobody is there. I have tried to call the number back but just get the message that this is not a working number. Would like for the calls to stop as I get several of them a day everyday.1/28/16, 12:36 PMDDThis number called me repeatedly. You can block their number from your phone.

Do it.

1/28/16, 8:29 AM

Lesliethis number calls repeatedly and very frequently. How do we get for this number to stop calling?

1/27/16, 2:54 PM

r.garrardThis call has come in 10 times in the last two hours. I have not taken the call and am on a no call registry.

1/25/16, 4:36 PM

DianeA man sounding Asian said he knew me (knew my first and last name)…I said to him”How do you know me?” He said “I live next door.” I said “What is your name?..he said ” Austin”…I said I didn’t have any neighbors named Austin…he then said we had a cup of coffee together in a restaurant last week…I then said “Sorry but I don’t drink coffee!” and hung up on him.

1/23/16, 1:32 PM

Briana WadeApparently, this is some caller center that’s call about free grant money. It is a scam and I’ve blocked their call and added myself to the donotcallregistry.

1/22/16, 3:34 PM

AnonymousI received 5 calls from this number today. I am on the do not call registry. I won’t answer calls that I don’t know.

1/20/16, 12:17 PM

kathy This number has called me 6 times today….I have blocked the #, but it is very aggravating…..

1/16/16, 7:55 PM

JOANNEFor 2 days this pest called me 3-4 times / day. I did learn how to to block his number and so far it has worked. The bum kept saying the Govt. had money for me.

1/13/16, 1:46 PM

anonymousThis number 202-000-0010 has called me six today! I just need it to stop!

1/11/16, 7:50 AMannoyed

I want the calls from # 202-000-0010 to come to a stop. i have tried to block the call but this numbers seems to get around the block.
The number calls at all hours of the day. Never leaves a message.
What else can I do to make it stop!!

1/9/16, 2:47 PM

Julia(202) 000-0010
This number calls about 5-6 times a day!!

1/9/16, 1:43 PM


Someone has been calling me for weeks, have never answered, but they keep calling 4 or 5 times a day. Under the phone number, it says egypt. I am on the do not call list, and it is a cell phone, that I do not give out to anyone but friends, family and work . Don’t get it, but wish it would stop! They call at all hours of the day and night!!

1/8/16, 1:48 PM

KassieGot another call and I could hear people in the back ground ordering coffee. So I’m pretty they are calling from a coffee shop.

1/8/16, 1:08 PM

KassieAsin guy keeps calling telling me that the government wants to give me 9,000. That I don’t have to pay back. He has been calling 3 to 4 times a day for the past week. Th8s needs to stop now.

1/8/16, 8:57 AM

AnonymouseThey keep calling me but i wont answer

1/7/16, 4:39 PM

JenOmg this is rediculous, I’m baffled on how many people are being harassed and still it continues w no answers, how can this just keep going on

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