Did you get a phone call or text message from 360-358-5378? Please submit a caller complaint below to help us determine who is calling from this phone number and make the calls stop.

Phone Number Details

Phone Number:360-358-5378
Phone Type:Landline
Country:United States
Location:Shelton, WA

Caller Complaints

Complaints are in order from newest to oldest.

sas10/15/15, 7:40 PM

called 4 times in one day saying I’m being sued and to call them right away!!! Trust me if I’m being sued the Boulder Courts would have sent me all the proper documentations of why and who!!!

wendy ables10/15/15, 2:40 PM

keep getting calls saying they are from the irs and we are being sued .Im tired o these calls

Humrbird10/15/15, 10:36 AM

Third call saying a lawsuit was filed against me from the IRS. These people need to be sued!

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