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Phone Number Details

Phone Number:401-437-5580
Phone Type:Landline
Country:United States
Location:Barrington, RI

Caller Complaints

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Sweet 11/7/15, 9:08 AM

Scam from number not showing up, I may have previously blocked. Called my phone almost 50 times to say I was approved for a loan amount of 1,000. Once I looked up the info, no such thing. I was on my lap top at the time of the call, so I was able to see it was A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They used the address 237 Kearny St. Suite 372 Sanfransico, CA. 94108 2108888558little

fred 10/29/15, 6:09 PM

called at 20:00 EST from 401-437-5580. Call ID showed the number twice, I never respond unless it’s the State Police. Phone says to leave message, they hang up.

Gilbert Encinas 10/24/15, 8:52 AM

This so called company calls and calls as unknown number or 307-4 this is the phone harassment calling at least 20 times a day u star cash yes they use the San Francisco address 237 Kearny St Ste 3722 SF CA 94108 and phone number 210 888 8557 do not fall for their scam they are bad business instead report them to ftc.gov 1(877) 382 4351 or the depth of business oversight 1 (866) 275 2677

ratbrain 10/7/15, 1:52 PM

another number they use is 1-134-559-4270

ratbrain 10/7/15, 1:48 PM

i’ve been contacted by them too, them wanted $307 to secure a $5000 loan, and when i asked about the scam, they said if it was a scam, then they would not be talking to me. i haven’t given them a dime, and don’t think that i will, and it’s and indian guy that i’ve spoken to, so that show tell you somethingNot

Studit 10/2/15, 4:13 PM

This number is really out of INdia. Pretend to be USTARCASH Co. They say you have been approved for a loan. Then ask a bunch of questions. They then want you to go to a WallMart and call them when you get in the parking lot and they will give you instructions. They want you to send them money that they say will be used for insurance that you will repay the money. They use the address of 237 Kearny St, Suite 3722, San Francisco,
Ca. 94108. Telephone numbers they use 210-888-8557 or 469-447-8557. Name he used was Charles Phillips. They are on Face Book and listed out of INdia. They called me from 401-437-5580

Anonymouse 7/18/15, 8:02 AM

401 437 5580 kerps cslling without saying anything and hangs up. Never leaves a message.

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