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Phone Number:405-225-3762
Phone Type:Landline
Country:United States
Location:Oklahoma City, OK

Caller Complaints

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kk6dnr 10/1/15, 4:22 PM

I have been getting 3 TO 5 calls a week with the same computer voice message from dozens of different phone numbers. All scam calls. Now that I have blocked the numbers in my phone Verizon puts them in my voice mail box.ive beend threaten before with the same criminal

t 9/22/15, 12:04 PM

Big Scam – I’ve been threaten before with the same criminal tactics of identity theft. Never give out your SSN.

Martha 9/21/15, 2:25 PM

They have been calling my house for a year making all kinds of threats….going to have me arrested, take me to court, etc.

Joan 9/21/15, 2:11 PM

Caller is calling for someone who doesn’t live here, threatening to leave papers at home or work.michelle todd phone # 772-696-5646

9/21/15, 11:47 AM

I have had the above phone # calls me 2 times a week, for the last month, The girl says that she had a complaint made aganist me and she needs to serve papers to me, either at home or at work.

Anonymouse 9/17/15, 11:55 AM

405-225-3762 is a scam!’ Don’t fall for it. Couple months ago I had a similar call n msg left on my phone with a different number .David

r 9/17/15, 11:05 AM

were in a chapter 13 they won’t anwer the phone only to put you on hold turned over to our lawyer

IN NC 9/9/15, 9:20 AM

Voice message left on a cell phone number, saying they have a complaint to serve on an individual. Returned call and they wanted me to give SSN. Which I refuse to ever do!

Jackie 9/8/15, 10:18 AM

Asked for my social for a debit collector

PROhioGirl 9/8/15, 9:22 AM

called both women did not give me their names. Wanted me to verify with my social security number. Told them by law I do not have to give them my soc. The First Lady I told her to send me a debt validation letter (her reply was “I do not have to send you a validation anything”so I told her to go ahead and process and hung up on her. ) the second said ” so you refuse to give your social?” I told her yes I refuse. “Then we will proceed, have a good day” and hung up on me.

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