Phone Number Details

  • Phone Number: 412-430-0219
  • Phone Type: Landline
  • Country: United States
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Caller Complaints Complaints are in order from newest to oldest.

 toth 7/9/15, 11:26 AM

ditto Anonymouse et all; make it stop, please, if you can… 

Anonymouse 7/9/15, 10:53 AM

This number calls me multiple times a day sometimes several times in a row. A real pain, must be political because they ignore the no call list. Very aggravating! 

steve 7/7/15, 10:38 AM

it calls three times a day and is a real pain. 

Fred 7/6/15, 1:39 PM

It is one of the Dhead political issues research company that don’t have to honor the Do-Not-Call – because politicians are higher up in the food chain that used car dealers, at least they think so. Buy a cheap phone switch like me for $20 dollars and set up not to receive robo calls. Best $20 you can spend. I just see then later on the call monitoring box. 

Thomas J 7/2/15, 9:31 AM

Calls daily with response.
I am I the do not call list,in which i think is a joke. 

Anonymouse 7/2/15, 6:28 AM

Keeps calling but no ones ever there

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