Did you get a phone call or text message from 513-717-1168? Please submit a caller complaint below to help us determine who is calling from this phone number and make the calls stop.

Phone Number Details

Phone Number:513-717-1168
Phone Type:Landline
Country:United States
Location:Cincinnati, OH

Caller Complaints

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Anonymouse 9/26/15, 1:37 PM

Called…did not leave message…telemaketing ploy most likely

JP 9/26/15, 1:25 PM

Answered call< said they are from card member services regarding my credit card account. Be careful, US bank collections identifies themselves as card member services (I used to work there). This is definitely not US Bank. This is a fraud attempt to get your credit card information. They can not identify which credit card you have, just make ambiguous statements like “your card with an outstanding balance”. There is an option to be connected to a live person and when you connect and call them out for being scammers the person on the other end cusses you out and hangs up.

Vid 9/26/15, 12:58 PM

Fraud call, saying lower your credit card interest.

sunnydean 8/27/15, 6:36 AM

I did not answer the call as it was an unknown number on my cell phone. When I went to see the phone number to look it up a yellow screen came up stating: “Reported Telemarketer Kevin” 513-717-1168 and then three boxes were underneath the text: Block, Complaint and History.

How would they get my number is what I want to know…please go after these folks and prevent them from calling us and wasting our time!!!!

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