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Phone Number Details

Phone Number:541-702-4475
Phone Type:Landline
Country:United States
Location:Jacksonville, OR

Caller Complaints

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5417024475 8/10/15, 2:18 PM

Calls me right now 8/10/15 around 405 pm, saying my name and the model of my car and asking me if I am aware that my car’s insurance has expired. When I tell them that it’s not, I’m still with a certain insurance company. And then she say goodbye and hung up. When I call back the said number, it says nobody is available to answer your call.

Aggrivated 7/17/15, 8:42 AM

541-702-4475 Calls and asks for an individual and I say there is no one here by that name and they say sorry will remove this number. Just now I received a call and they asked if anyone had this car anymore. I said no no one in this house drives that car and they said ok and hung up.

Nunya 7/8/15, 8:50 AM

541-702-4475 Calls all the time and when I do answer they hang up

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