Did you get a phone call or text message from 602-753-1029? Please submit a caller complaint below to help us determine who is calling from this phone number and make the calls stop.

Phone Number Details

Phone Number:602-753-1029
Phone Type:Landline
Country:United States
Location:Phoenix, AZ

Caller Complaints

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Ddbogs 9/24/15, 3:33 PM

Have received this call numerous times. Getting a bit tired of them always calling.

Ann 8/14/15, 11:42 AM

A guy from 602-753-1029 called my cell phone at 11:20 am on Friday 8-14-15 and asked for a different member of my family. Obviously they purchased a public phone list of some kind. My cell is listed on the National Do Not Call list, and I’ll be reporting this incident there as well. The guy quickly hung up on me.
Why aren’t there more consumer rights and protections in place to take action against this kind of thing?

Patrice 8/12/15, 1:39 PM

602-753-1029 – I rec’d a call just now from a Stephanie from Affordable Air . They call my house constantly even when I tell them I am not interested. The minute she started talking about them checking my air conditioner I said I don’t need my air checked and she hung up on me. They are rude and tend to do this all the time…I’ve had it with them.

Sandy Skoney 7/17/15, 11:04 AM

I get constant calls from these people. They call once in the morning after breakfast and around supper time. How do we
get them to stop calling? 623-974-5685

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