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  • Phone Number: 716-531-4177
  • Phone Type: Landline
  • Country: United States
  • Location: Buffalo, NY

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virginia 6/17/15, 3:52 PM

These people have called me 9 times today and it’s ridiculous. Not even answering the calls because I know it’s a scam 

Sarah 6/12/15, 3:32 PM

At first, they called me saying, I get a 7,000 dollars, he said send 250.00/dollars. Oh OK no, then he called back and said I heard you are a “wh*re” OK wow really!! Total scam! 

Joe 6/11/15, 10:29 AM

I just got a call from a blocked number, saying that I got the 7 grand like everyone else here is talking about. I got this number as a call back number for when I get to the Western Union store, and I will get further. Is it safe to say that I shouldn’t call this number? 

Received multiple calls from this number. The person claimed to be from the federal government giving grant money, but they could only deliver the money to a local Western Union or similar type of store. 

Anonymouse 6/9/15, 1:35 PM

Keep calling me. Federal Grants. I called back several times and stated not to call me and they hang-up on me. 

Anonymouse 6/3/15, 8:45 AM

Like others have stated, I had received a call from someone (a female I think) with a thick accent. I couldn’t really hear them because there was a lot of noise in the background. I thought they said they were with the federal government. So I asked again where they where from and this person tried to spell it out, saying f-e-d-r-l. So I just hung up and ignored the next 3 calls from them. 

Anonymouse 6/1/15, 10:02 AM

Received multiple calls from this number…1st call claiming to be from the US Gov’t, but could not answer basic questions and was obviously reading from a script. Caller had a thick foreign accent. Multiple calls after – they would call and hang up. I blocked the number. 

Danielle 5/29/15, 2:18 PM

I got a call from this number today. A man with a foreign accent said “I’m calling from the U.S. government treasury branch…” and I hung up immediately because it was obviously not legit. The treasury is not a branch of government. I’ve had at least two missed calls from the same number in the past few hours. 

Anonymouse 5/25/15, 9:38 AM

This number calls constantly and claims to be the U.S. government giving me $7,000.00 once in my lifetime because I have paid my bills on time and have no criminal records. They want me to go to Western Union and call them back with a code they gave me. I can tell this is a scam. 

Anonymouse 5/22/15, 4:33 PM

this number called about every 15 minutes for 3 hours, first saying it was the U.S. Treasury, then proceeding to talking a different language and then telling me its my boyfriend and giving me kisses. I then asked if he loved me, and he replied with he loves me more. Yes this definitely is a scam, possible a prostitution line. 

A Good Person 5/19/15, 4:18 PM

I received a call from this number telling me the government is giving me money because I have been a good citizen. They told me to go to Western Union and gave me a number to call them back when I get there. I told them I really hope it is not a scam because I have a medical condition which has cost me a great deal of money. The agent softened and then told me it was a scam and I should not go to Western Union then said God bless you. 

MIDWEST PRESON 5/7/15, 10:22 AM

(716) 531-4177 keeps calling.
Non-English language speaking persons.
Claiming they work for the Federal Government.
Unable to carry on conversation.
When I asked nicely not to call – several individuals got very vulgar.
Time-Wasting SPAM 

Spyder 5/6/15, 12:53 PM

I got a call from this number with a guy saying is was from the U.S Treasury asking me for my credit card number so they can transfer funds into it. Ummm it’s a scam! 

Lynn 5/5/15, 1:42 PM

I answer my phone and they hang up. I call the number back and a female answered. I ask her if she just called me and why did she hang up. She told me she did not call me and hung up. I get this no. frequently when I am on my home computer.

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