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  • Phone Number: 718-395-7867
  • Phone Type: Landline
  • Country: United States
  • Location: Richmond Hill, NY

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Anonymouse 7/24/15, 5:39 PM

718-395-7867 been calling in the form of harassing people via my land line and mobile. pollyanna 7/24/15, 2:56 PM718-395-7867 I received 2 voice mail call the county right away at this number. I looked it up and it is fake number. I would not give any over the phone any of my personal information. I just do not do it. 

Shell 7/24/15, 10:53 AM

Received three “robo” calls within 24 hours stating law suit with my name on it. No answer when I called (I blocked my number before calling). Another wonderful sleezebag out there trying to get our hard earned money. 

Marianne Rutledge 7/24/15, 10:24 AM

couldn’t understand him -law suite with my name of it- lol 

Letty 7/24/15, 10:13 AM

Received calls from this phone number stating that they were filling a law suite in my town with my name attached to it….called the number that they provided and no one answered and that the voice mail was full…. 

call received 7/24/15, 6:29 AM

I got a robo call at 8:30 in the morning from 718-395-7867 stating I owed tax money and before It was turned over I should return the call 7-24-15. They said the number to call so quickly that I had to hit redial to call back the number they told me to call was different then the number they called from. After ringing many times an Indian individual answered and said it was the internal revenue and when I asked who he was trying to reach he yelled it was the IRS and needed a name. I informed him that I thought he should know who he was trying to reach, and I would look into this on my end he yelled again it was the IRS and the background noise was very loud, then he hung up. I heard the IRS was short on employees so I figured there were not that many people sitting around yelling into phones. 

Anonymous in Chicago 7/23/15, 3:16 PM

I received this as a robo call too. I also got the same message from 509-587-3638 

Kelley 7/23/15, 12:31 PM

This number called my Mom’s home phone number.
A machine stated (with pauses) that they were calling from the IRS because of a lawsuit filed under my name….
Yet it never stated the person’s name they were calling for…. 

Anonymouse 7/23/15, 10:36 AM

IRS scam from this number Thursday Jul 22 2015. Multiple calls. 

David Wieting 7/23/15, 8:48 AM

Received harassing phone call from this number on the morning of July 23, 2015. Reversed dialed the number and no one answered. Dialed a second time and heard a voice with a thick accent, couldn’t tell what they were saying or if it was their voice mail message so I hung up and didn’t say a thing.

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