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Phone Number Details

Phone Number:720-724-8785
Phone Type:Landline
Country:United States
Location:Denver, CO

Caller Complaints

Complaints are in order from newest to oldest.sam8/22/15, 11:41 AMcall daily on landline and cellMarta Perez8/21/15, 11:23 AMGot call from 720-724-8785 (Marketing), did not answer.Fran8/21/15, 8:30 AMThey are calling once a week. What the devil good is the Do Not Call Registry for cells and landlines if these people ignore it.Stan8/20/15, 9:51 AMI received a call from this number 720 724 8785 and 415 610 7830 I would like to file a complaint as it is such a pain especially when you are on another call .Indiana8/19/15, 1:23 PMThese people are using various numbers and are calling daily about credit card services.Shelley8/18/15, 9:03 AMI do not under any circumstances answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize. Whom ever they are they won’t get me to answer on my cell or land line. I don’t owe anyone so they have no reason to call me. I do, however look the number up, just in case it is a family member with a new phone, but it is usually some jerky something or other. Thanks for being here.Edie8/15/15, 8:41 AMSo they want to give me lower rates on my credit cards. I am not interested at all.Anonymouse8/13/15, 4:41 PMThese A-Hoes calls from a Stupid Denver Burb; they fails to leaves message; you return their call; then some Nasty old Hen says to press any number to be removed!
So: as other People were Whining: like what the F….do these A….hoes want?

What F… Do they want?MDL7/30/15, 8:55 AMMember Card Services about lowering my credit card rate. I thought this group had gone out of business with all
the criminal arrests. They’re baaaaack!!!GLC7/28/15, 11:20 AMI have gotten so I click the phone – turn it on and off quickly and never answer!Ruby7/27/15, 11:29 AMRobot Collection Call… Do Not Answer!CJ7/25/15, 2:18 PMI’m sick of this idiot collection agency calling my house looking for someone, but evedently this person they are eager to find has the same surname as us, yet we don’t know them, never met them in our life..

I see that this is just another sly move collection agencies seem to be using regarly with high hopes of tracking down the person dodging his or her debt, by finding a possible family member(s) that might give the persons contact info up. Unfortunately other folks that have nothing to do with the stranger’s who is responsible of the debt, end up suffing the annoyance of daily calls from these blood thirsty leaches — im sick of this!! The lengths the blood s
*ckers will go, a few months ago we got a call from a debt collector who was looking for our neighbor, they wanted us to verbally tell our neighbor to call them.. Unbelievable!! The Attorney General was immediatly informed.DIana7/25/15, 12:16 PMrobocalls from COLLECTORS -do not answerFred7/25/15, 12:14 PMCollector Bas &^%$ try these tricks all the time. DO Not answer and do NOT press any buttons!

Called by : collector jerks, most probably Rash Curtis and Associates (bottom feeders)NW GA7/24/15, 10:24 AMJust called @ 1:20 PM on my personal cell. I did not pick up.

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