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Phone Number Details

Phone Number:732-374-3353
Phone Type:Mobile
Country:United States
Location:Bound Brook, NJ

Caller Complaints

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Anonymouse 11/17/15, 11:58 AM

This is Choice Home Warranty. I mistakenly gave them my # for a quote and they have hounded me every day since and from a new number every time I block them. Is this illegal if your number is on the no-call list and you tell them you are not interested and to stop calling?

Anonymouse 11/4/15, 1:23 PM

I added this number to my blocked contacts today. Gotta love this smart phone feature.

Anonymouse 8/18/15, 8:27 AM

I have learned my lesson. Don’t ever give your phone number out. If these guys require it for information then stay away.

Dee 7/7/15, 9:06 AM

I checked I to home warranties after we purchased our house and they call multiple times every day! I told them I had to wait because of funds that I just wanted to get some prices and now they are driving me crazy!

Anonymouse 7/7/15, 8:18 AM

7323743353 – this is a home warranty company that hassles callers calling every.single.day

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