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Phone Number:832-000-6645
Phone Type:Unknown

Caller Complaints

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Anonymouse 10/3/15, 3:04 PM

could not understand what he was saying, something about my computer. Told him he was a liar

Anonymouse 9/11/15, 2:53 PM

‘Joe’ or ‘John’ called (accent too thick to be sure) from “the Windows center”. 30 – 40 seconds of heavy breathing ensued. Could hear something being read in background.

Anonymouse 9/5/15, 12:26 PM

A guy named William called me saying I have a virus on my computer. I too him I do not have the laptop with me, I left it at my parents house and did not have access to it at the moment. He had a heavy accent and got very upset and began cursing at me then he said I was infuriating him and he began to talk dirty to me and asked me to talk dirty to him!!! WTF!!!!! I hung up. I Cannot Make this shit up. F*cking dirt bag

btw 9/3/15, 3:05 PM

called just now to say my microsoft windows was being hacked…said don’t have windows have another type suddenly it was my computer telling them…hung up since would not take no for an answer not the first time they have called last time was a couple of months ago.

sue 8/19/15, 11:33 AM

8/19/15 Caller with oversees accent saying problems with windows and error messages; windows does not have the phone number on which caller used. Also, lag time in their answering means they are waiting for anyone to pick up. Don’t bother answering call and block if you can!l

ady 8/18/15, 12:17 PM

Called said name was Sam with thick foreign accent. Said he was calling from Microsoft. You could tell he was reading off what he was say. I said your not from Microsoft and hung up. Its all a scam.

Anonymouse 8/12/15, 11:59 AM

Got a call from a Indian/Pakistani voice claiming he’s calling from the “windows technical dept, because your computer is sending us error signals”. When I said I don’t use windows, he said: “Ok, then you use Mac” I hung up on the caller! It sounded fishy!

prash 8/10/15, 10:48 AM

Getting malicious calls from 832-000-6645, using bad words in Pakistani language.

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